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Grand Canyon Kiri

Grand Canyon Kiri Located in Mueang Chon Buri district, Khiri junction, not far from Bangsaen beach. Is an old quarry that is currently closed But with a beautiful view There is a large green pond surrounded by rocks and soil that gather together like a small mountain. With strange patterns Both in the request for a view that resembles a Grand Canyon And piles of white clay-gray rocks like snow mountains Causing the development of the area to become a tourist attraction And the coolest shooting point of Chonburi

Within the Grand Canyon Kiri Upon arriving at the entrance, you will find the first point. Which has a restaurant and sells drinks as a small kiosks. There is a corner to sit and relax. When walking a little Will be a viewpoint for quarrying That saw a large green pond interspersed with a gray-white stone mine and still had a little tree growing up on the rocky cliff. Add more beauty and more miracle There is no admission fee. But will pay parking fee of 20 baht per car.

From the Grand Canyon Looking at the left hand thread Will see the gray mountains that are another highlight of the snowy mountain. Walk about 800 meters along the path of the Grand Kenyon pond. On the way, you will find green grass fields. And the view of the pond This area is quite strong. Walk with caution

Past the pasture Will be the location of the snow mountain That has been seen for a long time Which is seen as a mountain with strange streaks Surrounded by green grass until becoming a grass field This area is a wide area that has no shade of big trees. And quite hot, should prepare umbrellas, hats and drinking water as well

Snowy mountains are caused by clay, sand and rocks of white-gray iron. Similar to the stone used to make asphalt roads Gathered together to become a large mound Looked like a small mountain When being subjected to rain, erosion causes natural signs and streaks. Plus a gray-white color Looked like a snowy hill Therefore the name of the snow mountain that looks beautiful Looked like it was in the movie scene Therefore became popular to capture cool portraits.

Chalermkhawithi Bridge

Chalermkhawithi Bridge Or Chon Buri Beach Bridge Another interesting landmark in Chonburi. Located in the city, not far from Bangsaen beach and Sammuk Khao. Is a bridge along the beach that has a distance of several kilometers Stretching from Sukhumvit Road to Khao Bang Sai Temple While driving, you will see a bridge that stretches parallel to the sea. Can see the beautiful sea view flanked by When the sea is dry, see the sand streams interspersed with sea water. Picture of a fish cage in the sea Lined up like a painting Especially in the evening can watch the atmosphere of the sunset as well. On the bridge there is a parking spot for watching the scenery. With a cool wind blowing As well as having a food shop selling food, as well as truck food, can buy, eat, sit and watch the scenery, walk, take pictures on the bridge as well

Chalermkhawithi Bridge Is a bridge along the coast of Chonburi, a total distance of 17 km, but has been approved by the National Environment Board (OEP) in 2013 for construction of 7 km. Build 5, the current building is completed, opened, and there is the 1st phase from the Ruamjai Pavilion to the water quality improvement plant. Muang Chon Buri District, Chonburi Province, 1,880 meters long. Opened on 14 September 2017. Session 3 Bridge work along the beach From Bang Sai Subdistrict Municipality to Soi Bang Sai 83, 980 meters long, opened on 16 Nov 2016, Phase 4 and 5 from Ruamjaicha Sala to Khlong Sangkhueng Road, 2,400 meters long, leaving the second phase from the water quality improvement plant Muang Chon Buri District, Chonburi Province Will begin construction in April 2018 and completed in 2020


From Bangkok, follow Sukhumvit Road to enter the city, as far as Khao Bang Sai Temple. The right hand will have Soi Bang Sai 83.

Go to the alley and go to start the bridge head. Can run to the end of the stadium Will cut up Sukhumvit Or go straight to the end to go to Ang Sila, but convenient.

Khao Bang Sai Temple

Khao Bang Sai Temple Or Wat Khao Phra Bat Bang Sai Located at Bang Sai Subdistrict Mueang Chon Buri District Chonburi province Away from Chonburi Province, about 2 km north Or Khao Phra Phutthabat Sam Yod Is an old temple from the Ayutthaya period Puchney gave to many temples, such as the Buddha’s footsteps, the pagoda, the lower level chapel. Viharn Pun-Chauyong The building of the prosperity of Dharma Dharma, which is the end of the hill and the pond, etc. The interesting point is the white Buddha’s footprint on the hillside. Enshrined the sacred footprint The Buddha’s footprint area has a courtyard with a view balcony. Which can see the views of the community houses flanked by a long stretch of the Salakphet Bridge along the beach, which is a very beautiful image

TravelWhen arriving at Khao Phra Bat Bang Sai Temple Will find a pagoda and a temple located below As for travel to the Buddha’s footprint Which is a viewpoint Can drive through to the temple area below Entering the sports school, there will be a small road up to the viewpoint of about 500 meters. It is a paved road throughout the line. The distance is not very steep. Or may take the stairs which are located in the school area as well, but may take a little time because there are many steps

History of Khao Khao Bang Sai TempleIt is said that the King of Ayudhya was created during the year 2249-2275. Khao Bang Sai Temple is the largest monastery. This temple used to flourish for a while and became a deserted temple until the reign of King Rama III. His Highness To King Phraya Borom Maha Prayunwong Which at that time held the position of Chao Phraya Phra Khlang At Sompoo Laem Troops to subdue the mobs At Khongkhalai Temple, Bang Sai Subdistrict, Mueang District, after quashing down Chao Phraya Phra Klang was ordered to re-establish the Khao Bang Sai Temple in the year 2390. Later, this temple was restored again during the reign of King Rama V. By Phraya Wichit Chon Khet Director of the City of Chonburi and the King Places of restoration that have been restored include Buddha’s footprint, Chedi, Chedi, temple, residence, prosperity and pond, etc., Khao Bang Sai Temple Used to have the King of the Chakri dynasty, Rattanakosin, as follows: King Rama VI While he entered the royal ceremony to pay homage to the Buddha image and visited the abbot on December 1, 1904. On Thursday, the 9th lunar month of the 12th year, the government used to use this temple as a place to hold the water. Until throughout the reign of King .

Rama V

Red buildings and white buildings, beautiful old buildings that are located together Located in Ang Sila District, Chonburi is a building with architectural style. It is a combination of Thai, Chinese and Western. The view is beautiful because it is located by the sea. Under the shade of trees and green gardens Which has been made into a long scenic walkway Including a small park Is a recreation place for the Ang Sila people And a classic check-in point Not to be missed when visiting Ang Sila

Both buildings are located next to the old Ang Sila market, can park the car along the road in the alley in front of the building. Because inside the building there is no parking space From there, walk in to see the red building before the area is shaded by the red building or the Queen’s building. It is characterized by a 2-storey red brick brick building with a porch next to the ground. Of the building The hipped roof raised the gable. There is a porch extending to both the lower and upper floors. The ground floor porch is a solid wall. With arched doors The window is double glazed. Balustrades and balconies are stucco stucco The porch of the balustrade is used as a passage and wind, which looks like a British consulate house. And Portugal in those days Inside the exhibition of various images and exhibitions Related to the story of Ang Sila This building is a seaside retreat that once the Dowager Dara Halo Daughter of Chiang Mai The King’s concubine in the reign of King Rama 5 was staying here.

Relaxing pavilion located in front of the building And the coastal walkway That can stand and watch the beautiful scenery In the evening, at this point is a beautiful sunset spot.

Next to the red building is a large stone courtyard with a high slope area called the High Rock Pond. The origin of the word Ang Sila. Is a natural freshwater pond which people use the stone for consumption since the reign of King Rama V, which is called the High Stone Pond because it is a pond located on the rocks rising from the ground. The origin of the word “Ang Sila”. In the year 2419, King Chulalongkorn visited the province of Chonburi. There is a pattern depicting one of the descriptive words that “Call the name of the Ang Sila Because there is a high land as a hill There is a large stone, a stone pavement, and a 2-lagoon pool. “When seeing that it can be a rainforest The rain water does not leak, so it is added to the mouth. Villagers can use rainwater in the stone basin to use. Some years of drought, water in two ponds is not enough. There are still wells where people can dig into the rain water. Therefore called “Ban Ang Sila” until today

The Great Palace or the White Building is located next to the Red Building. An old building, another building At the corner of a beautiful photograph Standing post, Chik Chum in front of the building, Phili Building, Maharaj Building, commonly known at that time, “Rama 5 Palace is a 2-storey brick building, white, hip roof. Sloping towards the front is a tile gable No eaves extending from the surrounding wall There is no awning to shield the window for rain. Use a half-arched arch at the ground floor. There are two steps up the stairs to the porch in the middle of the building. The architectural style of the two buildings is similar. Because of that period, Chinese architectural influences still exist. Both when taking the form of a western influence in the city Therefore there is an architectural mix between Thailand and China Which looks beautiful and classic. At present, it has been transformed into a museum, commemorating the 72nd birthday, exhibiting ancient artifacts such as mortar, stone, basin, stone, weaving machine and chinaware bowl.


Next to the white building is the stone goddess shrine. Which is located by the sea, a striking red crab bridge to the shrine Is an old court from the reign of King Rama V, a beautiful Chinese architectural style Is a shrine built out into the sea The villagers call it. Stone goddess The stone goddess shrine was established for any reason. There are only words to tell. Together, presumably This stone goddess is probably the holy spirit of Queen Sunantha Kumariarat Rajabhat Ratchathewi Phra Piyom, the wife of King Rama V in the reign of King Rama V, because the court is located in the white building area. Or the villagers call it “Her boat capsized”. It is believed that The stone goddess has spread the glory to the sailors to be safe from the water hazard. In front of the court there is a courtyard overlooking the sea and the fisherman’s way of life. Oyster farm The famous seafood that we will see is sold all the way when reaching the Ang Sila.

Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang, another island near Bangkok It takes only 2 hours to travel. Although Koh Sichang is a little closer to Bangkok But I confess that I have traveled for many years But never visited Ko Si Chang once Used to see pictures and get to know the story of this island, some know that Koh Sichang is not only an island with beautiful sea water But there are also many tourist attractions that are more historical. The charm of Koh Sichang will be to see how much my heart will be. Come and visit the sea breeze at the island and learn about the impressive stories of this island together.

When coming to Sriracha District Continue to Koh Sichang Pier which is located on the floating island. After that, take a boat across the coast to the vast sea. The boat that is traveling is a large motor boat serving every day. The first round, the boat departs at 7 o’clock and does not have to worry that the boat will be out of range because the boat crosses to Ko Sichang every hour until 2 pm. The service fee is only 50 baht per person. Detailed click on Si Si Chang

Just a half hour boat ride to Koh Sichang Big island in the middle of the sea, which is a district of Chonburi province. Considered to be a large and very prosperous island See colorful people houses The temple located on the high hill Fishing boats parked at the port Some boats ran past Feels like Venice But is a typical Thai Venice

When arriving at the pier on Koh Si Chang, it is time to travel around the island. Vehicles that will take us to get to know Koh Sichang, there are many types, including motorcycles for rent, 250 baht a day or a minibus, but I choose a popular vehicle on the island, which is the Skylab car. The price is usually 250 baht per trip. Travel around the island By visiting the major tourist spots as follows Chao Pho Khao Yai Court Footprint, Chong Chao Lung, Tham Tham Phang, and the last place is Phra Jutathucharat Each location on the island is not far away. The car will take us to various points. If we are ready to go to the next point, the call will not always be with us. Sometimes you have to wait for a while to come. Because of the need to send other tourists But for me, for wanting to take a picture again and again, rent it all day. No need to wait or call Total price to send accommodation with a contract of 800 baht per day.