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Tourism in Chonburi

Chonburi is a province with international tourist attractions. Which is appreciated And many visitors from around the world Ranked among the provinces that have tourism and many important economic industrial zones of Thailand Located only 80 kilometers from Bangkok, with natural attractions and potential to support various types of tourism, such as ecotourism

Marine Ecotourism Sports tourism Historical tourism and meeting travel – rewarding There are many services to travel to Chonburi, such as buses, public vans, trains, U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya International Airport, Laem Chabang Port. And not far from Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Chonburi province is in the eastern region. Located in the eastern coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Has a coastline of 160 kilometers long. The area is mostly flat with hills and coastal plains. With mountains stretching almost in the middle of the province from northwest to southeast There are beaches and famous islands such as Bang Saen Beach, Pattaya Beach, Koh Sichang, Koh Lan etc. The average temperature is 28.1 degrees Celsius.

The climate is divided into 4 phases: from November to February, with little rain and low humidity, mid-February to May. The temperature will rise and rain in some areas, from May to October, with heavy rain, wind waves. High humidity and low pressure, October to February is cold. Low pressure Moderate wind waves

The important provincial tradition is the running of buffalo buffalo Held around October of every year at the front office of Chonburi (Formerly arranged at the front of the Big Intharam Temple Has moved the venue in 2015) “Run Buffalo” was registered as the national cultural heritage of the year 2555, the type of Thai wisdom. In the event, there are activities such as competition, running, buffalo, contest

Beautiful buffalo, buffalo, dad-mother breeder Competition of various types of traditional Thai sports such as muzzle, loop, climbing pole, etc.

Tradition of Rice Division, Sriracha District Is the old tradition of the people of Chonburi At present, there is Sriracha District. Still maintaining this tradition Which is held every 19 – 21 April every year The place is located in front of the Sriracha Municipality Office. And at the floating island of Si Racha, the activities of the event will consist of a parade led by a group of elders and agencies.

Who dress in Thai clothes regularly to join the procession Sacrifice and sacrifice Demonstration of the rice stack tradition Folk play, demonstration and sale of local sweets Local food, etc.

Pattaya Festival Held around mid-April of every year To promote tourism and publicize the reputation of Pattaya There is a parade that is decorated with beautiful flowers. Miss beauty contest Pattaya Thai folk sport competition Water sport competition Sand castle formation, fireworks and fireworks by the sea Cultural performances Exhibition and distribution of souvenir products

Popular souvenirs There are many to choose from, such as Phanat Nikhom weave machine. Mortar, stone, stone basin, woven fabric, Ban Puek, Batik-patterned fabric, fresh seafood, processed seafood (dried), rice, curry, pastry, etc.